What is the purpose of the Challenge?
To involve as many people as we can in promoting good physical and mental health and to raise funds and awareness for frontline mental health services in Scotland.

When does the Challenge take place?
In 2019, the Challenge will be open between 2 April and 10 October, which is World Mental Health Day. Pick the day/s that work for you.

How much does it cost?
Taking part in the 100 Streets Challenge is absolutely FREE. All we ask is that if you can, you make a donation towards mental health services through our campaign page.

You can choose to fundraise however, and if you do and raise £100 or more you’ll get one of our special 100 Streets goody bags, featuring a technical running shirt, sweat bands and water bottle!

fundraising - 100streetschallenge

How do I register?
Registration is free and can be done by emailing us at 100streets@supportinmindscotland.org.uk, by visiting our website www.100streetschallenge.com or by calling us on 0131 662 4359.

What comprises a 'Street’?
A street is a public road in any city, town or village.

Do I have to travel the entire length of the street?
No, to ‘tick off’ a street we suggest a minimum distance of 10 metres (33 feet).

How long is 100 streets?
Typically, we have found that 100 streets can range between 6 and 10 miles, although it depends if you want to take in specific landmarks on your route or concentrate on built-up areas. We want the challenge to be as flexible as possible – so be as creative as you wish.

Do I need to train for the Challenge?
The Challenge is open and accessible to individuals or groups of all ages and fitness levels.  It is not a race, so please do it a pace you are comfortable with. You could even do it in fancy dress if you wish!

Do I have to complete 100 Streets in one go?
The challenge to runners and cyclists is to complete 100 Streets in one day, but some walkers may wish to complete the route over a number of days.

How long will it take?
It is NOT a race. One of our groups ran their way round 50 streets, refuelled with some tea, coffee and bacon rolls, then completed their challenge after being fed and watered.

How can I plan my run, is there an App?
There are popular mapping devices such as MapMyRun or Strava, or you could go ‘old school’ and opt for a traditional street map.

How do I get a T Shirt?
Anyone who pledges to make a minimum donation of £10 or raises the same amount in sponsorship will qualify for a 100 Streets Challenge T-shirt.

Can I start a 100 Streets group?
Absolutely. The groups who trialled the challenge for us found it great fun chatting to their fellow runners and walkers along the route.

Can I do the challenge alone?
Again, it’s a yes! Some people find walking, running or cycling alone good for mindfulness.

Do I get a certificate/medal?
Anyone who registers and successfully completes the challenge will receive a commemorative certificate. Medals will be presented at the end of the campaign for:

·      best individual or group sponsorship effort,

·      most creative route

·      best social media campaign.